Grassroots Community Service Projects

Our current projects:

1.   The Rockland County Village Community (RCVC): The RCVC is an organization of people dedicated to helping Elders and each other remain in their homes as long as comfortably possible. Members do the following

A. gather and disseminate information on available resources for Elders in Rockland County and in New York State.

B. identify the gaps in needed services to make remaining in one’s home a viable option,

C. create multi-generational volunteer services to fill the gaps and realize the goal. Additionally, we research, and/or develop home-like communities as a desirable living environment and an alternative to remaining in one’s own home.

2. We meet every Monday, 9:00 AM, at Meals on Wheels, 121 W. Nyack Rd, Nanuet, NY. Anyone of any age is welcome.

2. Movement for Joy: a dance program of gentle movements for people with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s, MS, MSA, and all other movement disorders. The program is open to chair bound people as well as those with limited ambulatory abilities. It is also open to the caregivers. M 4 J was formerly led by Janet Baker, a dance instructor, trained in dance for people with movement challenges. Movement for Joy is held on Mondays, at Meals on Wheels, 121 W. Nyack Rd, Nanuet, NY, 10:30 PM – noon.

3. Arts Inclusion: a program bringing together students of special needs with mainstream students to build mutual understanding and respect through various art activities.

The initial program will begin its third year, Sept. 2012, at Clarkstown HS North collaborating with the Spirit Group from Clarkstown HS South, under the direction of Nancy Diamond, Chair of Art and Technology CHSN.

4. Story Collecting: a program of collecting life stories from seniors.  Contact Jim (below) for information or an appointment for a recording session.

5. Center for Exploring Creativity and New Possibilities: a program and service helping people and organizations improve their creativity, problem solving skills and their ability to find new possibilities. We do personal coaching, training programs, and research projects.

On our contact page, send for your FREE e-copy of our 15 page PDF Guide to 3D-OPEN THINKING for understanding the creative problem solving system that we use. Include your email address; it will never be shared.

Grassroots Community Service Projects Co-Facilitators

Leslie Barnett (914) 261-4339 or Pookslarb8@aol.com

Jim Evers (914) 263-1164 or jimevers@optonline.net

Sally Borgman (914) 715-9727 or borgmansally@gmail.com

We are open to any suggestions you may have for initiating other programs to utilize the vast source of talented people in our area for helping meet community service needs.