Grassroots Community Service Projects

Our current projects:
1.   The Village Community: The Village Community is an organization of people dedicated to helping vital Elders and each other remain in their homes as long as comfortably possible. read more

2.  Movement for Joy: a dance program of gentle movements for people with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s, MS, MSA, aging, and all other movement challenges. read more…

3. Arts Inclusion: a program bringing together students of special needs with main stream students to build mutual understanding and respect through various art activities. read more…

4. Story Collecting: a program of collecting life stories from seniors.  Contact Jim (below) for information or an appointment for a recording session.

Grassroots Community Service Projects


Leslie Barnett (914) 261-4339 or

Jim Evers (914) 263-1164 or

Dates, times, and locations of our programs are subject to change. Please contact Leslie or Jim for any program changes or information. Also, to join our email list, send either of us an email requesting such.